Update 21 Jan - Richard Ward

The latest situation in our efforts to keep LKC open, and the likely actions in the week ahead:

We have identified four commercial organisations, interested in taking on either Lime Kiln Centre or others of the centres threatened with closure.

We have also been told that the officers of NWDC are talking to those four commercial organisations about not just taking on individual centres or indeed just those of the 6 that have been listed for closure, but all of the centres that have been run by NWLL

We have been pushing the officers of NWDC for a meeting so that we can establish categorically two things:

1. An absolute understanding of how far NWDC have progressed with discussions with these four organisations, and how quickly they feel a conclusion will be reached

2. What the SOS Group on behalf of the Wootton Bassett community can do to help facilitate the process of LKC moving to the ownership of a commercial concern.

Additionally, the Business Team of the SOS Group have been looking at another alternative for LKC staying open in the eventuality that none of the commercial organisations ultimately take on LKC. We will also be discussing the viability of that with the people from NWDC.

The meeting with NWDC will also involve representatives from County Council, Town Council, and Wootton Basset School.

We are optimistic that meeting will take place this coming Thursday 25th January.

After the meeting we will have a far clearer idea of what the future of the LKC will be and we will update the website accordingly.